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WHLR Hotline Radio always welcomes artists to submit their music for FREE. You will receive a five (5) day airplay, Monday - Friday between 6pm - 7pm. Please follow us on Twitter @hotlineradio1 and or Facebook @hotlineradio and tune in to hear it on our site or our app and everywhere else WHLR Hotline Radio is played. Only submit ONE(1) song. Please make sure that your song is "radio-ready" which means it has been mixed properly, mastered is even better, but sound quality is key. Please only submit the CLEAN version of your song submission and please only submit the MP3 file. We will not download or visit any links to retrieve your music. SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC TO

If you wish for your song to be in our general rotation there are two (2) ways to make that happen:
1. Get 100 people to request your song at our station via our Facebook or Twitter page using your song title and name as a hashtag i.e #SONGTITLE #ARTISTNAME.
2. Purchase a package below.